Aphrodisiac Foods: What Is Kava Kava?

Since it is indigenous to the Pacific Islands, kava is a rewarding crop that unfortunately has not been consumed by all those who could benefit from its power. Kava kava is synonymous with tranquility and being calm because it relaxes the brain and places the body in a comforted state. This is extremely helpful in allowing us to release endorphins, which happens immediately during thoughts of unencumbered sexual encounters.

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Aphrodisiac Foods: Delicious Soup No. 5

Not very many foods are simply referred to by a number, let alone aphrodisiacs, but soup no. 5 serves as an exception. The fact that it is a food whose main component is bull testes, it is likely to scare off most patrons. That being said, for those curious enough to experience its taste, it is an aphrodisiac that illuminates body stimulation in a positive fashion.

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Aphrodisiac Foods: Balut Egg From Philippines

Last time we talked about the most popular aphrodisiac of all time – spanish fly – link here! Today we will talk about something special from Philippines.

Unless you are of Filipino heritage, you have likely never heard of balut. Balut is a hard boiled duck egg that can be eaten directly from the shell. The fetus is formed to the point that a beak, eyes and feathers are all present, waiting to be consumed by a brave soul. Balut is occasionally referred to as FDE, or ‘fertilized duck egg.’ The appeal of the delicacy is so debated that it is a cuisine used on food challenges, and as such, not for the faint of heart.

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Simple Meat Solyanka Soup With Mushrooms

Solyanka is a traditional Russian and Ukrainian dish. There are many variants how to cook it, but all in all it is a soup with meat, fish or mushroom broth and various spices. Solyanka usually has sour-salty-spicy base due to the addition of such components as pickles, olives, capers, lemons and sour cream. We will cook the meat solyanka with mushrooms.

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Oven-Roasted Creamy Beet Soup

My wife and I have recently decided to find out, what the taste roasted beets has. It turned out to be very tasty. Actually to my taste it’s not much different from boiled. Actually, we have tested it in a salad with cottage cheese and in the cream soup, the recipe of which I’ll give below. Also, I will tell you how you can prepare all of a healthy and tasty beet soup in 15 minutes.

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Upside-Down Orange And Vanilla Cake

Oranges are always in the season, so you can bake something with them at any time. Vanilla is also one of the ingredients that any lover of baking cakes and pies has at home. Another advantage of the cake recipe which I will show is that it is quite simple for making, because it is a flip-flopper cake. One more advantage of this cake is that the glazed pattern of orange on top of it is very simple to make. By the way, the cake will come out very sweet, so that one piece is enough for anyone. If you want a less sweet version, simply reduce the amount of sugar in the topping.

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Hot Tea Grog With Lemons And Oranges

Even despite of the fact that in the city where I live, the temperature rarely goes below 0, the transition to winter isn’t that easy. Everyone wants something hot to warm in the evening. And what could be better than warm tea or shotglass of some heating drink? Of course, a mixture thereof. This mix is perfect in the famous English hot alcoholic drink – grog. Originally it was strongly watered-down rum with sugar. But nowadays, there are many variations of it, and tea is used in this drink very often. The name of the drink comes from the nickname of the British Vice Admiral Edward Verona – ‘Old Grog.’ In his times rum was included in the daily diet of sailors, which caused some problems and Admiral Vernon ordered to water-down it. Besides tea, different spices like cinnamon, clove and ginger are often added to the modern version of the drink. I’ll show you a recipe without them, but with zest and orange slices. Of course, you can add your favorite spices to it and make it even tastier.

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Easy And Delicious Honey Buns

Buns are the thing that reminds of school cafeterias. I don’t know the situation now, but when I was at school, such buns were probably in all school cafeterias of Russia. Often, they were the only thing that could be eaten in these canteens and enjoy. Even now, I sometimes want to eat such a bun in commemoration of those times. I want to share the recipe, how to bake buns, with the same flavor and texture, that was in my childhood, but even tastier.

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Baked Camembert With Jack Daniel’s Sauce

I have already showed you how to cook Camembert cheese and said that such a method of preparation of this wonderful cheese I like the most. But if baked, this cheese is tasty, too, so I’ll show how my wife and I baked it. Besides, the perfect addition to this dish can be Jack Daniel’s sauce. This is, by the way, one of my favorite sorts of whiskey, that’s why we drank it with this cheese. The sauce, by the way, has a very strong taste, so be prepared for that. I think, it matches many other snacks, and at TGI Friday’s in it’s in all hamburgers.

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