Aphrodisiac Foods: The Spanish Fly Beetle

spanish fly beetle sitting and exploring white flower

The Spanish fly is one of the most unique and interesting creatures in nature, both in its appearance and longstanding effects. But what is its track record and purpose in accordance with aphrodisiacs?

For starters, its name alone is misleading, since in actuality Spanish flies are a beetle that sports a distinguishable emerald green color. Identified in the blister or meloid beetle family under the name Lytta vesicatoria, this bug is a very important one in the classes of nature and impact on aphrodisiacs.

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Baked Red Rainbow Trout

I don’t like fish. I don’t like it at all, no matter how it’s cooked. As for me, lamb, beef and pork are much tastier. But my wife and daughter love fish, so they treat themselves periodically to fish cooked in some way. This time, a few medium size steaks of red trout were baked with vegetables. It’s simple, fast, self-sufficient and tasty. I certainly have not tried it, but my wife and daughter were happy, so it’s good.

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Non-Alcohol Red Punch With Hibiscus

If you were on holiday in Egypt, you probably faced there the national Egyptian drink – Karkade tea. This tea has many beautiful names, but in fact it is a sweet-sour taste tea drink of bright red color, made of dried Sudanese rose flower bracts. You can drink it both hot and cold. They drink it hot in the heat and it considers to increase blood pressure this way, when it’s cold it lowers blood pressure, and tastes like fruit drink. Today I want to show you how to cook delicious punch of Karkade tea. Serve this punch in a glass teapot, because it looks very beautiful.

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Kharcho With Walnuts And Tkemali

With the end of the walnut season, some of them migrated from the garden to my home. Usually they would have a long lay somewhere in the fridge, but this time I decided to use them. Georgian cuisine came to mind immediately. In their dishes this nut is very popular, so there is a plenty of recipes to choose from. Kharcho was chosen actually because I’ve found half a jar of tkemali in the fridge for a wonder. There are many ways of preparing this wonderful Georgian soup. It’s usually made using beef broth with rice and some acidifier. A classic acidifier is tklapi but tkemali or tomato paste is also permissible. Actually as I realized I was cooking close enough to the classics. I’ve never tried it before, but it turned out to be quite tasty. This food is really interesting, if you want to make it interesting even more, try using spanish fly. What is spanish fly?

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Aphrodisiac Foods: What Is Kava Kava?

Since it is indigenous to the Pacific Islands, kava is a rewarding crop that unfortunately has not been consumed by all those who could benefit from its power. Kava kava is synonymous with tranquility and being calm because it relaxes the brain and places the body in a comforted state. This is extremely helpful in allowing us to release endorphins, which happens immediately during thoughts of unencumbered sexual encounters.

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Aphrodisiac Foods: Delicious Soup No. 5

Not very many foods are simply referred to by a number, let alone aphrodisiacs, but soup no. 5 serves as an exception. The fact that it is a food whose main component is bull testes, it is likely to scare off most patrons. That being said, for those curious enough to experience its taste, it is an aphrodisiac that illuminates body stimulation in a positive fashion.

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Aphrodisiac Foods: Special Seahorse Powder

A minimal amount of people will recommend eating seahorse to you, and even fewer will advocate that you try it in powder form. In actuality, seahorses have been consumed for over 1,000 years, with those dedicated to the delicacy singing its praises in regards to its positive impact on sex drive, particularly in men over 50.

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Aphrodisiac Foods: Balut Egg From Philippines

Last time we talked about the most popular aphrodisiac of all time – spanish fly! Today we will talk about something special from Philippines.

Unless you are of Filipino heritage, you have likely never heard of balut. Balut is a hard boiled duck egg that can be eaten directly from the shell. The fetus is formed to the point that a beak, eyes and feathers are all present, waiting to be consumed by a brave soul. Balut is occasionally referred to as FDE, or ‘fertilized duck egg.’ The appeal of the delicacy is so debated that it is a cuisine used on food challenges, and as such, not for the faint of heart.

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Simple Meat Solyanka Soup With Mushrooms

Solyanka is a traditional Russian and Ukrainian dish. There are many variants how to cook it, but all in all it is a soup with meat, fish or mushroom broth and various spices. Solyanka usually has sour-salty-spicy base due to the addition of such components as pickles, olives, capers, lemons and sour cream. We will cook the meat solyanka with mushrooms.

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