Does Spanish Fly Pro works? My honest thoughts

Spanish Fly Pro is according to their website a new-generation super powerful herbal based aphrodisiac, that should deliver nothing less than instant arousal in both genders and superior sex every time you used it. What is the truth? Is something like that even possible?

Why Spanish Fly Pro?

Spanish Fly Pro full packageSpanish fly is a popular term well known among a wide range of populations mainly due to its frequent use and many scandals throughout history. One of the best examples worth mentioning is an interview with Bill Cosby in Larry King’s show where Bill said: “Spanish Fly was the thing that all boys from age 11 on up to death — We will still be searching for Spanish Fly.

Spanish fly is a small green blister beetle that produces cantharidin which works as an irritant. What does it mean? It’s simple: Male beetle secretes cantharidin which is used for covering the eggs as a protection against predators. Cantharidin after ingestion by males usually increases blood vessels, which means long-lasting, but also a really painful erection. Be aware of the fact, that even a small overdose leads to fatal health problems – including death. In my opinion, a high number of side effects easily overcomes those few positives, and trying a real spanish fly is nothing for me.

This is where Spanish Fly Pro jumps right into the game. They use a popular name of the famous “aphrodisiac” with the added promise of increased sexual desire on demand. Sounds great, right?

I bought one bottle of Spanish Fly Pro

Let me get straight to the point, I was extremely skeptical at the beginning (as everyone else) but rumors around this product are great, reviews all over the place are so positive and the idea of having better sex life was simply stronger. Who doesn’t want a better sex life?


The Spanish Fly Pro arrived in 4 business days and must admit that this bottle even is small is also schick, and easily portable. I like it.

I read on their official website that it should act quickly and provide improvements in these areas of your sexual life:

  • Increased libido in both genders (especially in women)
  • More sensitive to touch
  • Increased chance to experience multiple orgasms

I would say that this product is mainly designed for women, as they usually experience problems with low libido more often. It’s important to say that every ingredient in it is herbal, certified (FDA approved), and somehow fresh, and high quality at the same time. It’s also liquid based and only 5 drops / per user are needed. Mixing with other liquids is approved and perfectly fine as the substance doesn’t change color or taste significantly.

My (and my wife’s) feelings, thoughts, opinions, results…

Spanish Fly Pro in detailed photoWe both tried it together three times in total so far. The feelings right after use aren’t immediately visible (at least for us). The results start to kick in in about 15 minutes after ingestion. Grapefruit taste is good, sweet, and pleasurable and I can definitely imagine adding a few drops as an ingredient to a different kind of food to give it some twist.

We both agreed that sex was different (in a positive way) every time we decided to use Spanish Fly Pro which was more than we could hope for. It’s really hard to explain the feelings, but we simply wanted each other a lot more than without it, that’s the fact. Sex is an extremely individual thing and every couple like, do or experience different things and feelings. Telling you that these drops will transform your wife in her 50s into an 18-year-old student hungry for sex is nonsense.

But, Spanish Fly Pro works, works much better than I thought it will work. More energy, more arousal, and better, more intense sex is easy to achieve with it – I can almost guarantee that. Never forget to add the most important thing, which is true love.

If you want to try or get more information about Spanish Fly Pro visits their official website here.