Braided Cinnamon Wreath

I love baked cinnamon desserts. That’s why I’ve already posted several different recipes which all have one similar ingredient. Pull-Apart Cinnamon Brioche BreadTender Cinnamon Apple Pie and French Breakfast Puffs are all great but this time I’ll try to show something even more better looking. Cinnamon Wreath is one of those things that will not only smell good but also will have a great taste.

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Humble Leftover Beef Hotpot

What I love about the latest Jamie Oliver’s cookbook (Save With Jamie) is his idea of using leftovers. For example, roasted beef is great right after it came from an oven but the next day – not so much. Although you easily can make a completely new dish out of beef leftovers and it would be AWESOME! Here is an example how you can make an awesome stew from beef leftovers and turn it into even more awesome hotpot. Im definitely sure, if you add a few spanish fly drops into it, it will taste even more delicious.

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Super Easy To Make Chocolate Candies

If you want to have some fun and to impress someone then these chocolate candies are perfect for that. Besides, making them is a really great project to make with kids. These candies are super easy to make so they could also become a great homemade present. Although you should temper the chocolate first if you want to pack them otherwise they always should be stored in a fridge.

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