Aphrodisiac Foods: The Spanish Fly Beetle

spanish fly beetle sitting and exploring white flower

The Spanish fly is one of the most unique and interesting creatures in nature, both in its appearance and longstanding effects. But what is its track record and purpose in accordance with aphrodisiacs?

For starters, its name alone is misleading, since in actuality Spanish flies are a beetle that sports a distinguishable emerald green color. Identified in the blister or meloid beetle family under the name Lytta vesicatoria, this bug is a very important one in the classes of nature and impact on aphrodisiacs.

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Paella With Veggies, Chicken and Chorizo

If you’re into Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks than you definitely know that there is his new cookbook out there – Save With Jamie. It isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but it’s great anyway. I definitely like his idea of reusing leftovers in complete new dishes. Even though this paella isn’t one of these dishes, it’s great anyway! The recipe is very easy and flexible so it’s definitely will be on our table again.

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