Chilli Con Carne Meatballs With Bulgur

My wife and I like Jamie Oliver’s TV shows. Some of his meals we sometimes cook and we like them. In the last two cycles of programs he presented wonderful ideology – fast dishes. The first cycle was how to cook a lunch in 30 minutes, where Jamie prepared 4 dishes in 30 minutes. The new cycle is about how to make a lunch in 15 minutes. Here, of course, he can’t cook 4 dishes, but 1-2 easily. It is clear that cooking these dishes for the first time, making them in time is almost impossible, but anyway a dish turns out to be quickly in making and interesting. My wife decided to cook all or almost all of his new cycle. We’ve even received a book from Amazon to make it easier. It should be noted that the book is organized in a different way, but it does not disturb us.

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Homemade Chinese Five-Spice Powder

Chinese five-spice powder is a well-known mixture of five spices used in Chinese cuisine. It also appears in other Asian cuisines and is now quite popular around the world. There are different versions of the mix but almost all of them include anise, cloves, fennel, cinnamon and Sichuan pepper. Despite of the mix contents, it’s great for fatty meat, chicken and even fish. In fact, making such a mixture is not a problem, because all the ingredients are available at any large supermarket or at any market. All you need is a mortar, where you can grind the spices.

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Mashed Potatoes With Roasted Celery And Garlic

If you like different steaks, chops, shashlik or barbecues, then you surely enjoy various side dishes. As for me, I always eat such meat with a side dish. When cereals, pasta, fried potatoes and mash start annoying, we have to think over how to diversify them. For example, how to cook mashed potatoes in a slightly unusual way.

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Spaghetti Alla Pomodoro

Pasta and quick to prepare meals continue their way in my blog. This time even without the participation of the famous English chef recipes of whom I have been sharing lately. We all have been eating spaghetti since childhood and in combination with roasted cherry tomatoes, they can become simply magical in just 15 minutes.

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Sticky Asian-Style Chicken Thighs

Today there is no problem to buy any part of chicken in the needed quantity. They are certainly not as tasty as good poultry, but sometimes it’s convenient. In addition, the taste of chicken breasts isn’t like that. Plus it is easier to just give them some interesting flavor using various spices and sauces. Since I have recently promised to show you how to quickly and very tasty cook breasts with Chinese five-spice, I hurry up to keep the promise.

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