Pan-Fried Camembert With Orange Sauce

Sometimes you may think of some little and simple in cooking and at the same time tasty snack to accompany a bottle of wine. So, my wife and I have recently discovered a snack of that kind called Camembert. It is a soft sort of cheese coated with cheese mold, which is especially tasty when it melts from the inside. It can be fried or baked. Both ways of cooking are simple enough, but during frying it’s much easier to monitor its condition. And you can fry it in batter, which adds zest to the taste as well as to the appearance of this wonderful cheese. At the same time I‘d like to show how to cook a simple orange sauce, which, by the way, can be used with different pancakes and other food for breakfast.

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Traditional Russian Borscht

Borsch is perhaps one of the most famous dishes in Russian cuisine. It is considered the national dish in Poland, and Russia, and Lithuania, and Romania, and Belarus and Ukraine. Borsch is known from 14 – 15th centuries in Russia, it was mentioned in the monuments of 16-17th centuries and books of 1586-1631. The consequence of all this is a lot of ways to cook it. Probably almost every family has its own recipe for cooking this soup. Borsch is a multi-component filling soup and many people think that it is difficult to cook. But it’s not! At least the recipe that you will see below is quite simple in general. I think it is kind of a mix of how they cook this soup on the Don, where I live, and in the Ukraine.

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Easy Irish Stew

In the town where I live winter is ranging now. Despite the fact that the town is rather southern, we have snow everywhere. Strong wind and temperatures below zero make us hurry up to homes to spend an evening in warmth and comfort. Such an evening will be ideal if it also includes a delicious dinner. Irish stew can easily be a part of such a dinner. It is called Irish because the beef is cooked in the famous Irish dark beer Guinness. Thus we get the beef very tasty and flavored. Irish stew is a celebrated Irish dish. It’s recognized as early as about 1800. We won’t be cooking a traditional version but an easy one.

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Sichuan Pork with Peppers, Green Beans and Cashews

This spicy classic from Sichuan is very easy and quick to make. That’s the main reason why I love stir fries and cook them often. Besides, you can make it with different sauces and ingredients to get a great depth of flavor. My recipe is a modification of Grace Young’s recipe SIchuan Pork with Peppers and Peanuts from Stir-Frying To The Sky’s Edge cookbook.

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Cute Eggs In A Basket To Make In An Oven

Fried eggs with a slice of bread and bacon are certainly not new, but you can serve it in a very original way, in the so-called ‘basket’. For many people, like me, this is important, as I quickly get bored with the monotony. There are more than 25 names for a recipe of the eggs in a ‘basket’. Some of them are quite funny, so I recommend you to look into the wiki and laugh. In most of them, this dish is a piece of bread or dough with an egg in the center. It is fried either on a pan or baked in the oven. I’ll show you a fairly simple recipe for baking in the oven.

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Tomato Pasta With Four Cheeses And Smoked Sausage

As I already said, I’m attracted to pasta. I also like soft cheeses and smoked sausage, so I could not help combining them all in one dish. The dish turned out to be very interesting to look at, so it can be served for a small company of guests. Do not be deceived by a small number of conchiglioni. The filling is rather fat, so that it can easily feed 6-8 people.

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Banana-Oatmeal Muffins

My daughter is very choosy at food, as probably all the children. She is only 2 years old, but she already has her favorite food, and not always agrees to try something new. By some miracle, she loved muffins and because of this they have stayed for a long time among the culinary experiments in our family. Muffins are easy to prepare and easy to vary. You can make both sweet and not sweet. Today I want to show a fairly simple recipe of muffins, the ingredients for which you almost always have at hand. Besides, for me it’s important that according to this recipe muffins are moderately sweet and perfect for those who are not fans of various cakes and other sweet pastries. As actually me.

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Thai-Inspired Chicken Legs With Garnish

My wife and I are very fond of simple recipes. They certainly can become boring fast, but even simple things like baked chicken thighs and rice can be cooked in many different ways. For example, they can be cooked in Thai style with flavors appropriate for this cuisine. Lime, coriander, coconut and chilli are a great combination that can turn quite an ordinary dish into an unforgettable. Here we go!

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