Friday’s For The Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s Foodie Links Roundup, Foodienarium’s weekly link roundup. This week you’ll find here some amazing recipes for your next lunch and some great deserts.

  1. Grilled asparagus plate + cilantro pepita pesto looks delicious.
  2. Roast tomato soup with the ultimate Toasted Cheese sandwich – quite easy and good looking soup.
  3. Farmstand ravioli with zucchini – an Italian goodness perfect for this season.
  4. Cinnamon rolls – one more recipe for my favorite dessert.
  5. Meatballs baked in Tomato sauce on Polenta – a great combination for the next dinner.
  6. Cannoli dip – an easy dip recipe for the season of fresh berries.
  7. Pea, Mint and Feta Fritters with Yogurt Mint Dipping Sauce – a great way to cook something healthy.