Friday’s For The Love of Food

Welcome to Friday’s Foodie Links Roundup, Foodienarium’s weekly link roundup. This week you’ll find here amazing examples of toned food photography and some interesting recipes for a brunch or for a light dinner.

  1. Couscous stuffed eggplants – once again amazingly toned photos and a great Middle East recipe by Peter.
  2. Crostini with eggs, salmon and cream sauce – quick recipe for a non-traditional brunch.
  3. Naan recipe. Not that simple but the result looks great.
  4. Bourbon soaked mandarin vanilla cocktail – beautiful cocktail for a great evening.
  5. Rosemary grapefruit mustard – an interesting recipe for a dip.
  6. Suya – this trademark of the northern part of Nigeria sounds delicious.
  7. Gnocchi – everybody should make them!