Friday’s For The Love of Food

I’ve missed my Friday’s For The Love of Food post last week because me and my wife were visiting Spain. That was an amazing journey with lots of sightseeing and wine tasting. We even managed to eat dinner in the oldest restaurant in the world – Sobrino de Botín. That was an interesting experience and their main dish is awesome.

So, welcome to Friday’s Foodie Links Roundup, Foodienarium’s weekly link roundup. This week you’ll find here amazing examples of food photography and great recipes that anybody should try.

  1. Rich slow roasted pork and red wine ragu – as always great photos and a good recipe by Katie.
  2. Braised beef pasta – the first recipe on my TODO list.
  3. Seared lamb chops with blood orange sauce – a tasty way to cook lamb. The blood orange sauce sounds nice too.
  4. Chestnut flour gnocchetti – an unusual gnocchi recipe.
  5. Unusual cinnamon buns – beautiful photos with amazing toning.
  6. Radishes in chile oil sauce – asian-style radishes side dish.
  7. Beef ragu stuffed mushrooms – beautiful photos and a great recipe.
  8. Black vinegar pork – Chinese-American sweet and sour pork without MSG.
  9. Snack buns – easy and quick to make buns and amazing photos showing how they were made.
  10. Fauxnut holes with milk custard sauce inside…