Does Spanish Fly Pro works? My honest thoughts

Spanish Fly Pro is according to their website a new-generation super powerful herbal based aphrodisiac, that should deliver nothing less than instant arousal in both genders and superior sex every time you used it. What is the truth? Is something like that even possible?

Aphrodisiac Foods: The Spanish Fly Beetle

The Spanish fly is one of the most unique and interesting creatures in nature, both in its appearance and longstanding effects. But what is its track record and purpose in accordance with aphrodisiacs? For starters, its name alone is misleading, since in actuality Spanish flies are a beetle that sports a distinguishable emerald green color.

Aphrodisiac Foods: What Is Kava Kava?

Since it is indigenous to the Pacific Islands, kava is a rewarding crop that unfortunately has not been consumed by all those who could benefit from its power. Kava kava is synonymous with tranquility and being calm because it relaxes the brain and places the body in a comforted state. This is extremely helpful in

Aphrodisiac Foods: Delicious Soup No. 5

Not very many foods are simply referred to by a number, let alone aphrodisiacs, but soup no. 5 serves as an exception. The fact that it is a food whose main component is bull testes, it is likely to scare off most patrons. That being said, for those curious enough to experience its taste, it

Aphrodisiac Foods: Special Seahorse Powder

A minimal amount of people will recommend eating seahorse to you, and even fewer will advocate that you try it in powder form. In actuality, seahorses have been consumed for over 1,000 years, with those dedicated to the delicacy singing its praises in regards to its positive impact on sex drive, particularly in men over

Aphrodisiac Foods: Balut Egg From Philippines

Last time we talked about the most popular aphrodisiac of all time – spanish fly! Today we will talk about something special from Philippines. Unless you are of Filipino heritage, you have likely never heard of balut. Balut is a hard boiled duck egg that can be eaten directly from the shell. The fetus is