Aphrodisiac Foods: What Is Kava Kava?

Since it is indigenous to the Pacific Islands, kava is a rewarding crop that unfortunately has not been consumed by all those who could benefit from its power. Kava kava is synonymous with tranquility and being calm because it relaxes the brain and places the body in a comforted state. This is extremely helpful in allowing us to release endorphins, which happens immediately during thoughts of unencumbered sexual encounters.

Kava kava as an aphrodisiac is interesting because its strength is derived from the roots. Roots are used to flavor many teas because their effects are strong and awaken the senses. If you were to try kava powder versus the root, the latter will always produce more results when it comes to blood flow and efficient stimulation of your libido. One noteworthy aspect of its consumption is that it is one of the fastest aphrodisiacs to ingest. This is because it is supposed to be swallowed in less than three sips, according to tradition. If you want try something really special, rare and unique, try spanish fly.

When kava kava is digested, it ensures that anxiety is limited and that the person who tasted it is primed for intimacy. This is done through the dopamine in the brain firing receptors of happiness and general wellness. The peaceful aura that kava kava creates allows both males and females to be warmed up to the idea of experiencing intercourse. An increase in desire and thoughts of your lover are common after someone has consumed tea from the root.

Though it is not a spirit, kava kava is like alcohol in that it can give you a buzz, similar to having your brain mildly manipulated giving you an increased level of sensuality. Kava kava is worthwhile in aiding the firing of pleasure triggers, but it should not be drank in excess because it will cause drowsiness and stomach irritation.