Aphrodisiac Foods: Special Seahorse Powder

A minimal amount of people will recommend eating seahorse to you, and even fewer will advocate that you try it in powder form. In actuality, seahorses have been consumed for over 1,000 years, with those dedicated to the delicacy singing its praises in regards to its positive impact on sex drive, particularly in men over 50.

Seahorse powder initially gained notoriety for its ability to make people look younger using the products its ingredients were included in. This anti-aging exuberance then led to it being used in a plethora or other ways, namely sexual concoctions. In Asian culture, seahorse powder is thought to deliver what is known as Yang energy. This type of energy is intended for a male to feel more masculine and in touch with his cravings. The effects of seahorse powder are thought to incite feelings of intense passion and lust for partners.

Though an unusual aphrodisiac, it is one that is highly mixable since it comes in a powder state. It is a perfect blend to herbal teas that already have intimacy boosters themselves. When stirred with additional aphrodisiacs, seahorse powder becomes a powerful love potion. It is wise to have it in stews and broths as well so the salty flavor can be masked to some degree.

Seahorse powder aphrodisiac is known to create more sexual urges than normal. It is at its most effective when it has been incorporated into a diet, albeit in moderation. This is the reason that it is frequently mentioned in combating erectile dysfunction in elderly individuals, since they have had years for it to build up in their system and increase their drive. Another great for great increase of sex drive are definitely spanish flies, we talked about them in this article.

Asia is likely the only place you will be successful in checking out its aphrodisiac properties, as dried seahorses are often confiscated for their illegal distribution in other countries.