Aphrodisiac Foods: Delicious Soup No. 5

Not very many foods are simply referred to by a number, let alone aphrodisiacs, but soup no. 5 serves as an exception. The fact that it is a food whose main component is bull testes, it is likely to scare off most patrons. That being said, for those curious enough to experience its taste, it is an aphrodisiac that illuminates body stimulation in a positive fashion.

The Philippines are known to have numerous meals incorporate passion inducing ingredients, and soup no. 5 delivers this in abundance. Soup no. 5 is known as the Viagra of foods. Viagra is a pill that men take to increase the size of their erection and maintain stamina. Ingesting the components of this soup mimics these effects in a much more natural way. Additionally, scientists agree that when coming into contact with aphrodisiacs in their most pure form, their benefits skyrocket exponentially. Soup no. 5 is not handicapped by artificial flavors, and because of this makes it extremely potent for inciting lust-filled cravings.

The addition of the penis from a bull will not make many people jump to get their hands on it, but the rest of the ingredients in soup no. 5 are delicious and advantageous as well. This is because the broth has many vegetables and flavors in it that have aphrodisiac like effects on their own, with onions and ginger being two examples.

Soup no. 5 makes the libido grow, and blood flow is typically at a maximum once the nutrients are digested. It is a hard meal to find in most regions of the world, but the upside is that when acquiring the components separately, it can actually be prepared with ease due to the various recipes available for it on the internet. Soup no. 5 is a unique and effective aphrodisiac to try. Do you think that this aphrodisiac is special? Check this one!