Aphrodisiac Foods: Balut Egg From Philippines

Last time we talked about the most popular aphrodisiac of all time – spanish fly! Today we will talk about something special from Philippines.

Unless you are of Filipino heritage, you have likely never heard of balut. Balut is a hard boiled duck egg that can be eaten directly from the shell. The fetus is formed to the point that a beak, eyes and feathers are all present, waiting to be consumed by a brave soul. Balut is occasionally referred to as FDE, or ‘fertilized duck egg.’ The appeal of the delicacy is so debated that it is a cuisine used on food challenges, and as such, not for the faint of heart.

Ardent supporters of balut state that the broth is outstanding. It is sipped out of the egg itself after it has been peeled. The texture of balut is soft, similar to soup.  Even though balut stands alone on its interesting taste, it is an aphrodisiac for a multitude of reasons. Besides the ample amount of calcium it provides, it is an energy enhancer for any who taste it.  Heat passes through the body once the nutrients have been absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes it advantageous to boost sex drive and thoughts of intercourse. Feedback from men in particular is glowing, as the bulk of males who have ingested balut before sex have marveled at its ability to highlight both stamina and performance. Balut also has iron in it, which is an aphrodisiac on its own. Though their taste and type of food is completely different, balut is sometimes mentioned in the same sentence as oysters for their perceived placebo effects.

One of the downsides to balut is that if you are coveting it to reignite passion with your partner, it is extremely difficult to get your hands on.  Being native to southeast Asia, and being a food that requires some preparation to get it right, it is not the easiest aphrodisiac to obtain.