French Breakfast Puffs

A good breakfast is the best way to start a day with. In my opinion it also should be easy and quick to make. These puffs are perfect for such breakfast so enjoy!

Quail Eggs Crostini With Bacon

Crostini are great not only as appetizer for bigger meals but for breakfast too. For example, you won't need anything else for a breakfast with these crostinis besides a cup of tea or coffee.

Breakfast Oat Scones With Walnuts

My wife and I often face a problem of variety of breakfasts. If you are already tired of eggs in all their variants, cereals with milk and different sandwiches with jam, then maybe it's time to learn to cook scones. For example, oat scones to be discussed further can be one more dish that can ...

Bacon And Cheese Muffins

If you feel neutral about pastry, then perhaps these muffins is what you need. Their composition can be varied by adding different vegetables, such as bell peppers and using bacon instead of ham, salami, hunter sausages, etc. I think that they are ideal for a hearty breakfast, plus you can ...

Cute Eggs In A Basket That You Can Make In An Oven

Fried eggs with a slice of bread and bacon are certainly not new, but you can serve it in a very original way, in the so-called ‘basket’. For many people, like me, this is important, as I quickly get bored with the monotony. There are more than 25 names for a recipe of the eggs in a ‘basket’. ...