Quail Eggs Crostini With Bacon

Crostini are great not only as appetizer for bigger meals but for breakfast too. For example, you won't need anything else for a breakfast with these crostinis besides a cup of tea or coffee.

Crostini With Peas, Mint & Parmesan

I don't know why but frozen peas aren't as popular as they should be. At least that's true among my friends. With such recipes I try to change their opinion...

Crostini With Watermelon, Ricotta And Mint

Being a guest somewhere is not particularly easy to maintain the mission to create and photographing the crostini. But anything is possible if the refrigerator to find a watermelon and ricotta, and walking across the garden to break a little mint.

Crostini With Fresh Tomatoes, Feta And Basil

All the same, fresh tomatoes are a great topping for crostini. Especially in the summer, during crostini season. The previous recipe with tomatoes was very simple, but this one is also not complicated. It will ...

Crostini With Peaches, Soft Cheese And Balsamic Vinegar

Today I will share with you a dessert recipe of crostini. I wouldn’t say that it’s an excellent alternative to a good cake or a cupcake, but such a snack can easily solace a glass of Moscatel or some other sweet wine. Yes, and with a cup of freshly brewed coffee these crostini are just perfect.

Crostini With Mushrooms, Garlic And Fresh Herbs

Crostini with mushrooms, garlic and fresh herbs - it is very simple, fast and delicious! A great appetizer! Slices of baguette or ciabatta should be normally smeared with olive oil and fried, and you can rub in the garlic or don’t do that. This is optional.

Crostini With Mozarella, Fried Onions And Capers

By the second day, the interest to crostini still didn’t decrease. So I continue writing this wonderful appetizer recipes. The scheme of cooking slices of bread is the same as described yesterday, so I’ll only show how to prepare a new filling.

Crostini With Fresh Tomatoes And Parmesan

Crostini turned out to be a great appetizer which is not only easy to cook but can be cooked every time differently. There is a plenty of recipes for this classic Italian snack and it can be served both with cold and warm drinks. They are especially good as a snack with a glass of wine. In ...