Super-Quick Penne With Homemade Pesto Made Of Walnuts And Sage

As it turned out, the summer is not the best time for blogging. On one hand, all the products are fresh and it’s a pleasure to cook something of them, but on the other hand, this is summer ... We eat less and instead of that just spend more time outdoors. Fortunately, quick recipes are very popular even in the summer. Actually the question is about a very fast way to cook pasta with a sauce full of flavor and aroma. It’s extremely fast because the sauce is prepared 3 times faster than the pasta itself. Of course, you need to have some ingredients at home but they are very few.

Juicy Salad With Fried Rice Noodles And Oranges

The salads are a very cool thing, but you have to know how to cook them. You should be able to choose ingredients well, so that the tastes combined well, the salad looked beautiful and the salads varied. My wife and I do not always succeed, because of banal laziness mostly, but we periodically try to correct. It is one of such cases. If you cook it in the summer, you can use watermelons, but when they are not on sale, oranges are a good choice.

Friday’s For The Love of Food

Sea Bass Stuffed With Onions And Baked Wrapped In Bacon

Actually, baked fish is not mine favorite dish, but as the whole family loves it, so it appears periodically on our table. In this case, it’s a medium-sized sea bass baked in the oven, but with a twist. In fact not even one.

Puff Pastry Envelopes With Mushrooms And Potatoes

Pies of puff pastry with various fillings are nothing new, but envelopes are an absolutely different matter. And although they are in fact almost the same, they look differently. Besides, the taste, as it seems to me, is also much more enjoyable. More tender. Such envelopes can be served in a very interesting way and they are ideal for an outdoor meal with friends and family.

Fish Fillet And Mixed Seafood Tomato Stew

What is good in seafood, is the fact that it’s very quick to cook. In addition, it looks very interesting and dishes with them also look very unusual. It is also not unimportant, since the aesthetics of food adds a lot of motivation to cooking it. And even when the seafood is not prepared in its pure form, the entire dish, in which they are included, is prepared quickly, too. Here, for example, an idea how to stew fish, shrimps and oysters in tomato sauce in just 15 minutes!

Sticky Asian-Style Chicken Thighs

Today there is no problem to buy any part of chicken in the needed quantity. They are certainly not as tasty as good poultry, but sometimes it's convenient. In addition, the taste of chicken breasts isn’t like that. Plus it is easier to just give them some interesting flavor using various spices and sauces. Since I have recently promised to show you how to quickly and very tasty cook breasts with Chinese five-spice, I hurry up to keep the promise.

Spaghetti Alla Pomodoro

Pasta and quick to prepare meals continue their way in my blog. This time even without the participation of the famous English chef recipes of whom I have been sharing lately. We all have been eating spaghetti since childhood and in combination with roasted cherry tomatoes, they can become simply magical in just 15 minutes.

How To Easily Skin Hazelnuts

Friday’s For The Love of Food