Roasted Lamb Shoulder With Gravy And Mint Sauce

Roasted shoulder of lamb is probably the most amazing dish you can cook from this meat. Cooked in this way, you can get tender, sweet, delicious meat that just falls off the bone. If you also cook some potatoes, cabbage and peas you'll get a perfect dinner for 6-8 people.

Easy Risotto With Quinoa, Mushrooms And Lettuce

Risotto is a great dish and everybody loves it when it's cooked well. There are many ways to cook it: with fish, veggies, mushrooms and so on. You can even use different grains for it. In this recipe I've combined two grains and seems it turned out really well.

Shredded Leftover Beef Salad With Awesome Croutons

I'm continue to cook different dishes from the latest Jamie Oliver's cookbook. This time is kinda quick way to use leftover beef turning it into an awesome salad. This salad is much quicker to cook than beef hotpot but isn't less cool. Enjoy!

Super Thin And Crispy Coconut Cookies

Lots of families is going to celebrate Christmas very soon. For this time of the year it's great to have some homemade cookies at home. They are perfect with a cup of hot cocoa or can even become perfect Christmas gifts for your friends.

Humble Leftover Beef Hotpot

What I love about the latest Jamie Oliver's cookbook (Save With Jamie) is his idea of using leftovers. For example, roasted beef is great right after it came from an oven but the next day - not so much. Although you easily can make a completely new dish out of beef leftovers and it would be AWESOME! Here is an example how you can make an awesome stew from beef leftovers and turn it into even more awesome hotpot.

Super Tasty And Super Easy Sunday Roast Beef

This is the second recipe that I've tried from the latest Jamie Oliver's cookbook. Even though there are interesting additions to it like roasted carrots and baked potatoes, I'm going to show only how to cook the beef itself. That's very easy but the result is very rewarding.

Braided Cinnamon Wreath

I love baked cinnamon desserts. That's why I've already posted several different recipes which all have one similar ingredient. Pull-Apart Cinnamon Brioche Bread, Tender Cinnamon Apple Pie and French Breakfast Puffs are all great but this time I'll try to show something even more better looking. Cinnamon Wreath is one of those things that will not only smell good but also will have a great taste.

French Breakfast Puffs

A good breakfast is the best way to start a day with. In my opinion it also should be easy and quick to make. These puffs are perfect for such breakfast so enjoy!

Paella With Veggies, Chicken and Chorizo

If you're into Jamie Oliver's cookbooks than you definitely know that there is his new cookbook out there - Save With Jamie. It isn't exactly what I thought it would be, but it's great anyway. I definitely like his idea of reusing leftovers in complete new dishes. Even though this paella isn't one of these dishes, it's great anyway! The recipe is very easy and flexible so it's definitely will be on our table again.

Quail Eggs Crostini With Bacon

Crostini are great not only as appetizer for bigger meals but for breakfast too. For example, you won't need anything else for a breakfast with these crostinis besides a cup of tea or coffee.