Crispy Moroccan Lamb Rolls With Couscous

Today I want to continue showing you some awesome recipes using leftover meat. This time we're using leftover roasted lamb and turning it into awesome, crispy rolls filled with amazing moroccan flavours. Enjoy!

Quick Homemade Kimchi

Lately a friend of mine said, that Korean cuisine is awful. I couldn't agree with him even though I've never been to Korea. In my opinion, at least their fermented products worth of mention. That's why, recently I've tried to make the famous kimchi by myself. I definitely can't say it's bad. In contrary, it's awesome! Can't say I'd eat it everyday but every family should occasionally make some...

Homemade Oven Roasted Tater Tots With Garlic And Parmesan

Me and my daughter really enjoys french fries. Although in search for more healthy alternatives we dried a lot of different styles of cooked potatoes. These little homemade oven roasted tots is probably the best of them. My daughter prefer them without garlic although I think it's a great addition.

Tasty And Warm Minestrone Using Leftovers

My family doesn't cook soups as often as we should. Although when we have some roasted meat on bones we usually do. Roasted bones are perfect to cook good broth from them and leftover meat fried with bbq sauce can be used as an awesome addition to a soup. In this recipe I used leftover duck breasts and broth cooked from duck bones in a pressure cooker a night before.

Healthy Candies With Dried Plums And Walnuts

For those of you who love different sweets but is health-concerned these little balls are perfect solution. They consist only of those things that aren't only unhealthy but also very rich in fiber. These balls can become a great dessert if you follow a lower-calorie meal plan so don't hesitate to try them!

Spinach Roll With Shiitake And Mascrapone

My wife really loves to cook different rolls. Even simple meat fillet she usually turns into different rolls with different stuffings. This time she cooked a cool spinach roll with a simple yet very interesting stuffing. Our guests liked it a lot...

Easy Pasta Caponata

Today I want to continue showing you some great and easy tomato pasta recipes. They are so easy to make even when it's cold and snowing outside. Great chopped tomatoes are available year-round. :) Although this time you'll need a large aubergine instead of red bell peppers. Nowadays this isn't a problem too...

Easy Pasta Peperonata

Pasta is one of those dishes that you can always cook from those things that you have in your cupboard and fridge. I, for example, really enjoy a good tomato pasta so I always have a bunch of tins with chopped tomatoes. With them I always can prepare a tasty meal in much less than an hour. For example, when I also have a good large red bell pepper I can cook Pasta Peperonata for me and my wife in half an hour.

Super Easy To Make Chocolate Candies

If you want to have some fun and to impress someone then these chocolate candies are perfect for that. Besides, making them is a really great project to make with kids. These candies are super easy to make so they could also become a great homemade present. Although you should temper the chocolate first if you want to pack them otherwise they always should be stored in a fridge.

Smoky And Crispy Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce

Yes, the weather isn't great behind my window so it's time for warm recipes. Lets start with a simple side dish that can be cooked in 15 minutes and comes perfect with any roasted meat. It definitely will leave some warmness inside...